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Company Profile
KR Life Sciences has combined science and art to produce astonishing beauty that is timeless and ever-changing. Our vision is ready and alive to meet the challenges of the future. Today, we are dedicated to assisting in creating a better world where people are happy because of beauty, with all the pleasure, joy, and dynamic energy that it offers. We attempt to incorporate our vision into all parts of our work: From ingredients to comfort, texture, packaging, and beyond, our devotion stays the same across our brands! To provide excellent service and contribute to a more beautiful world, since, as they say, one's body is their genuine home!

We are continually reinventing our procedures and products to care for and serve the evolving needs of the individuals we touch at all stages, from introducing new categories to beginning new discussions. For this reason, we bring individuals together who think differently to lead the globe in the necessities for a better existence.

Our Mission

  • To be the healthy companion of our customers.

Our Foundation

    • Minimalist formulations that are clean
    • Our formulations are non-irritating, cruelty-free and non-sensitizing for moms.
    • We utilize fewer but higher-quality ingredients.
    • Our components have undergone minimal processing.
    • Natural ingredients, which are superfoods, are included in our recipes.
    • Soil, climate, and other variables influence the best sources.


We undertake the following to ensure that we stand the test of time:

  • We employ tried-and-true products and procedures that have stood the test of time.
  • To understand what is beneficial for the skin, we turn to natural substances and what is recognized to be good for the body.
  • We believe in the logic and safety of taking tiny efforts that add up to large results.
  • We value the brilliance of the customers' skin as a barrier organ and strive to care for it in the context of their overall health.
  • We consider skincare a contemplative self-care habit with both internal and external advantages.

Key Facts of KR Life Sciences

Business Type

Trader and Supplier



Year of Establishment


No. of Employees


Annual Turnover

INR 50 Lakh


INR 50 Lakh

Company Branches


Location of the Company

Punjab, India